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I Want to Remember…

Today I want to remember the simplicity of a gloomy, drizzly day and how it put a lightness in my step. A March day that mimicked spring; the smells, the cloudiness, the 70 degree temperature. Green, trees and flowers are beginning to sprout at the Arb; birds are sounding through the day. Spring is coming. 

Today I want to remember meaningful conversation with a dear friend. We conversed, got real and eventually laughed over a box of Asian fans. Do you ever crave soulful conversations? That’s this friend. She’s full of real-ness and soul. Just what everyone needs. 

Today I want to remember the orange Tiger Lily, amid birthday flowers, that opened, eye to the sky, bloomed. Wow. Yesterday she was enveloped but today, flourishing. 

“I decided that the single most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed.” Anne Lamott

Good day, friends. 

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agenda • l e s s

Saturday: agenda-less.
Therefore, allowing me the full opportunity to enjoy the vantage point I [so gratefully] corner of the Bartlett Arboretum, begin a book [the girl on the train] & journal.

Moments like these [sometimes] make me wonder if my lazy bone is getting the best of me when I’m not “going” every waking minute. I surely have something to commit to, that I’m already committed to or I should have committed to today. Right!?

But, what about life?
What about life’s moments — large & small, lax & productive alike?
Are our moments equally accounted for?
Or are they mostly a list we check off with bits of randomness thrown in?

Warmer temperatures generate a revived energy in me; the smells, the air, the green & blooming landscape.
I feel electric & rekindled from my winter hibernation.

I would almost argue that it’s not a New Year that prompts me to reflect & prep but rather those first 60 degree days slowing kicking my winter blues.

I’m thankful for this Saturday of enjoying the moment, the view around me, the little things that may not ordinarily get the attention they deserve & for being agenda-less. [ya dog!]

Happy Saturday all.
Enjoy your day & soak up the sunshine.