Ladies Night: Sip + Mingle

We were so excited when a friend/client presented the idea of a “girls night” to us. In pursuit of a way to connect with girlfriends, utilize a space for noshing PLUS partake in a little makeup Q&A, we were thrilled to host an outing for this group of nearest and dearest girlfriends.

Yummy bites, a bit-oh-bubbly and an engaging makeup tutorial filled the evening with conversation, laughter and much needed girl time.

Our fellow lash and makeup artist, Kadyn Bell, took us step by step in demonstrating how to take a look from day to night; transforming eyes, lips and skin in the form of highlight and contour. Unveiling tips and tricks, Kadyn expanded on what products are worth the splurge and others you can settle for drugstore grabs.

It was so fun to connect with new faces, learn some new skill AND watch our young makeup artist in her zone: the makeup zone!

Interested in hosting a girls night? Give us a shout for details and customization of your perfect night outing.


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What’s In A Name: Why Everyday Beaut

People here and there ask (and maybe more wonder), what’s in the name?

EB was thought of and born in Dallas originally. Amidst the hustle, bustle and metro lights I found myself trying to find my place, community, niche. After many failed attempts at being someone I wasn’t – I realized I can only be me: an everyday gal.

(Somewhat) normal, quirky, frazzled, sometimes late, multi-tasking, unsure, hard-working, full-hearted, sometimes jaded, optimistic, in pursuit of in-the-present-living, mostly happy, needing a hug kinda gal. Can I get an amen?!

I think back to my first clients, my business-building clients, our current clients: everyday women. Different journeys, steps, walks of life. And thank goodness for that.

Working women, mothers, students, entrepreneurs, widows, hair stylists, nurses, power lifters, doctors, social workers, teachers, Miss Kansas, pageant competitors, foster parents, dog rescuers, real estate agents – everyday women. And some gentleman, here and there.

When you walk through the doors of EB it doesn’t take long to realize we are everyday peeps doing our thing – just like YOU! Accompanied by one heck of an eclectic music selection.

In the event you were an inquiring mind, now ya know! The everyday lassie in us salutes the everyday beaut in you.


Get The Look: Prom 2016

Are you or your teenage girl going to prom this year?! Let EB help get her slammed up with 3 of our makeup events, just for PROM!

Whether you’re going for a makeup look that boasts major glamour or more of a simple vibe, we’ve got your back.

Complete your perfect prom look and come get prom ready at EB with makeup artists Audrey Cotton and Kadyn Bell

Cost: $50 (false lashes included)

Call or message to get scheduled. Spots won’t stay open for long.




One thing I’ve come to know is that while self awareness and transparency with oneself is difficult, it is everything. Furthermore, it’s amazing when you candidly share your life experience how many other people share similar stories.

First, we are not alone.

Second, we are not called to be full of shame or guilt.

Third, if we took a look inward maybe we could reveal in ourselves ah-ha moments, areas in need of improvement and a little more compassion for ourselves and the journey that is so individually ours.

Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually typically comes second to the needs of others. (guilty)

Finding time for all the things is difficult – but my “selfish” bone is surfacing and near demanding attention.

How thin do we expect to spread ourselves? What gives?

Kim German always says that we have to fill our bucket first in order to pour into others; into all the other things – spouse, kids, career, each other.

As a licensed therapist and mindful enthusiast, Kim will be leading our Self-Love Workshop this Saturday where we have the opportunity to put ourselves first. Furthermore, to absorb and take-away ways we can continue nurturing ourselves from the inside out.

Seats are limited. Link to purchase tickets below:

see you there – xx

Brides + Lashes

Lash extensions are a great option for all types of clients — those who want a low maintenance morning regimen, those allergic or sensitive to mascaras, those wanting to add oomph to their less dramatic natural lashes, athletes, busy moms and BRIDES.

Whether you are a bride wanting lash extensions just for your big day or forever, extensions for the day you say “I Do” is a must.

Natural and noticeable or more dramatic, lash extensions provide a bride with lashes that are smudge, smear and mascara-run free. For a day that will be full of hustle and bustle, forgotten details and potential stress over one thing or another – opt for extensions and check one worry off your list. BONUS: your makeup artist will love them for your makeup application as well!

Did you know we have an in-house professional makeup artist at EB? Audrey Cotton is a certified Cosmetologist and lash artist and we just built her an amazing vanity to do YOUR special occasion and bridal makeup.

Be sure to inquire about our Bridal Package including lash extensions + makeup application. Complimentary trial run is included.

For questions regarding lash extensions, profesional makeup applications or booking a makeup artist for your special occasion — give us a ring!  >>> 316.440.7046


A Little Miracle (or two)

When walking into EB you’re bound to see, hear and smell a few things that after a visit or two, become the norm.

Tunes, essential oils and laughter. We love what we do, we have fun and we love the good stuff – oils, products, lashes, makeup, friendship.

A familiar face at EB is Audrey. Her and I’s paths crossed almost a year ago (post high school). I was contemplating moving into a bigger space and not knowing the future, I asked if she wanted to jump on this crazy train doing lashes+makeup. For months, her usual smiling face, killer work ethic and attention to detail has been accompanied by pregnancy. Until NOW!!

Our cookie Audrey finally gave birth (a week late) to baby Nori Rose. All along, they had kept the gender of baby Cotton a secret so finding out it was a little girl was pretty incredible. (Did I mention I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room to witness this little miracle?! An amazing story for a much longer post.)

Audrey is such an intricate part of EB and while we are grateful for her and miss her, we are so happy for her, her family and their newest addition. She will be returning to the shop March 1 – we can’t wait!



Audrey, Ben, Laila, Baby Nori

We’re Hiring!

Gals – with a grateful heart, EB is looking to bring in another gal pal to join our team!

We are growing and looking to add an additional Lash Artist with a strong passion for people, growth and our beloved industry.

Our lash artists are team players, offer amazing guest care, are motivated, friendly, professional and detail oriented.

We are willing to train.

Must be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician with a current license in the state of Kansas.

Job Type: Part time. Commission + Retail Commission


Email your resume to:



Holiday Weaving Workshop

Can you believe November is here?! Although I can pester some – I love this time of year so much even Michael Buble gives me the Christmas-ready feels. Just in time for festive vibes, Liv Grant is coming back to EB to host yet another artful workshop – Holiday Weaving.

We first paired up with Liv in September for her Macrame (cray) Plant Hanger Workshop and delighted in her creative ways. With such a large and fun group, the day was bliss.

And now, we’re lucky enough to couple up with her once more for her Holiday Weaving Workshop – Nov. 19 2-5 PM.

In this workshop you will learn the art of weaving with the unique addition of handcrafted yarn and natural elements including a wood slab loom by the instructor, Textile Designer Liv Grant of liv+work! Through out the workshop, you will be given a choice of several weaving techniques and will be encouraged to experiment with the naturally dyed yarn, greenery, berries, pinecones, etc. While you create you can mingle, snack and learn the rich history of weaving and how each technique originated. By the end of the workshop the weavings will be bound and finished!

Liv+work will also have a pop-up shop for you to peruse at the Holiday Weaving Workshop where you can shop local for everyone on your nice list (plus get 15% off everything)! Lucky you!

Click to reserve your spot: Holiday Weaving Workshop

see ya there xx

What Are Lash Extensions?

Our most common service, a passion of mine and something I truly nerd out on (hehe) – LASH EXTENSIONS!!

When moving back to Wichita from Dallas, I was unsure how lash extensions would be received in our neck of the woods. I recognized it was a growing service down south and now following suit – it is a growing service here as well.

When exploring lash extensions and whom you might hire to apply them, there are a couple things to keep in mind. So, here goes…

Lash extensions are an art form. They take time, patience and practice to truly master the skill of placement, the art of tailoring your extensions to fit your needs and wants and to develop efficiency when applying extensions to ensure you are in and out of your appointment in a timely manner.

The extensions we make use of are made of synthetic mink and can be applied using two different techniques: Classic or Volume. Classic lashes are 1:1 – one extension per natural lash. With proper isolation, nearly each of your natural lashes will walk away lashed and extended. Volume lashes involve a technique that allows us to place multiple extensions to your natural lash – creating a voluminous look; fluffy and full. Both techniques, when properly applied, maintain the health and safety of the client’s natural lashes.

While you many be a candidate for either style, I typically suggest classic extensions for newbies and advise they can go from there.

When deciding who to hire as your lash artist, take into account a handful of things:

  • Are they certified?
  • How long have they been doing lashes? It takes time and practice to become an experienced lash artist but that doesn’t mean less tenured artists are not capable of doing a wonderful job. Hence, next bullet…
  • Do they have photos of their work visible and readily available? We post before and after photos via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Any reputable and growing artist will be proud to show photos of their work.
  • Always look for a clean and sanitary environment.

On your quest to find a lash artist, you should be aware of a present trend: cluster lashes. Cluster lashes are NOT the same as lash extensions. While lash extensions are applied individually and involve precise isolation, cluster lashes make use of a pre-made fan with multiple lashes on them.

“The problem with most cluster eyelash extensions is that they are applied to multiple eyelashes at once and the bases are usually bulky from the adhesive that holds them together which causes follicle tension. Because lashes grow at different stages, the tension from the cluster can cause premature hair loss called Traction Alopecia if done repeatedly.” — Bella Lash

If you’ve stumbled upon a salon or spa offering quick, deeply discounted or cluster lashes it would be worth your time and in your best interest to look elsewhere.

Lastly, while lash extensions provide for easy mornings and a mascara-look without the hassle, they do require a little TLC. Make sure you choose a lash artist that is dedicated to educating you on how to maintain and take care of your precious lash extensions. Although caring for your extensions is quite simple, it can become an afterthought – it is necessary to cleanse, comb and refrain from touching or pulling on them in order to receive the best retention and health of your natural lash.

Do you have questions about lash extensions? For any inquiring mind wanting to know – potential lash client or not – I would be more than happy to help! Click the Contact Us tab or feel free to phone the shop.


FAQ: What Do You Use On Your Skin

Easily, one of the most common questions I receive from clients – new and long standing alike – “What do you use on your skin?”

I’ve been referred to as granola by some, a GLAMnola by a few, and I suppose my skincare regimen lands somewhere in between (hehe). My skincare favorites have evolved over time but there is one thing I believe in and that works for me: natural skincare + professional product boosts offer great results.

My daily go to’s include a natural cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF. My weekly professional product boosts include a glycolic face wash and a serum.

What I have found on my skincare journey is that less is more and we are very capable of doing more harm than good to our precious skin. Whether we are dealing with acne, fine lines and wrinkles or hyper pigmentation, we lather on products in hope it will zap our problem child.

My best skin has surfaced with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer – leaving my skin moisturized, never dried out, and therefore never stripped of its natural oils; the use of an acid+exfoliant three times a week to slough off dead skin cells and reveal newer skin; the use of an SPF everyday.

Another aspect of my skin I take into consideration is what I am putting IN my body. Afterall, our skin is an organ and just as upset stomachs and allergic reactions alert us when something has gone awry – so can our skin. Taking a look from the inside out is something I encourage all my clients to do.

Most recently: I am currently going through TMJ therapy and throughout the process I have come to learn that we all have inflammation in our body, the side effects inflammation causes and the power it can have over our health. As a TMJ patient, I have significant inflammation in my face, jaw, throat, ears and nasal passages. Oddly enough, six months prior to beginning my therapy I had began experiencing unexplained flushing in my cheeks – at this point my TMJ had escalated to its worst.

I suspected the flushing in my cheeks was due to the inflammation in my body but it wasn’t until I jumped on an anti-inflammatory eating regimen that I began to see and feel results – in ways I was not expecting. The flushing in my cheeks has gone down, I only experience drainage in my throat when I food cheat (oops) and the bloating I once experienced after nearly every meal is nonexistent.

While there is no one-size-fits-all skincare, I believe that quality and results oriented products paired with treating our body from the inside out will get us further on our pursuit for our best skin.

Final thoughts: find what works for you, stick to a regimen and treat yourself to a facial here and there. Drink plenty of water, increase your dark leafy greens + fruit and veggie intake, and if you want to be bad in the best way possible – become a fan of dark chocolate and red wine (they’re good for skin and anti-inflammatory!!)